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creativecrypto (73) in blockchain
2 hours 5 minutes ago
Sanya City, China to Build Smart City with Blockchain
One of the world's largest insurance corporations, Ping An, is reportedly investing $4 billion into the southern island city of Sanya to integrate emerging technologies including blockchain. The aim is to leverage decentralized technologies, AI, and cloud computing to support Sanya City's growth and operations as 'Smart City' technologies. This builds on the momentum of Ping An's whitepaper for future cities with blockchain being a core pilla
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creativecrypto (73) in blockchain
3 hours 49 minutes ago
Steempress: Facilitation the Content Economy on the Blockchain [Steemfest 3.0 Presentations]
Steemfest 3.0 was last week’s conference dedicated to the development of the Steem blockchain and the applications being built on the distributed DPoS system. We’ll be sharing some of our favorite sections and applications that were recording during this time, all tools that creative professionals and content creators can use today to monetize their work and passion on the Steem blockchain. SteemPress is a Wordpress plugin and curation service
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cervantes (75) in cervantes
3 hours 59 minutes ago
Cervantes Presenta: @Gabrielb
En esta oportunidad, tenemos el gusto de dar a conocer a un gran usuario de Steemit, que nos hablará un poco más de él y de cómo conoció Steemit.   ¿Quieres saber más? ¡Continúa leyendo!   @Gabrielb Gabriel Bastidas Mi blog trata de experiencias personales que me gusta compartirlas con ustedes. Podrán pasar un rato muy ameno leyendo mis pos
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creativecrypto (73) in bitcoin
4 hours 3 minutes ago
The Great Lakes Science Center Welcomes Bitcoin
Many people are aware of Bitcoin. However, they often do not have opportunities to pay for goods or services with the cryptocurrency. That is changing at the Great Lakes Science Center, which has become the third U.S. museum to officially accept crypto as a form of payment. Museums help to explore science, technology, culture, and history, and cryptocurrencies being integrated into their payment systems mean that tourists can now utilize c
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zord189 (66) in community
4 hours 56 minutes ago
@steemxp weekly ZoomUP
Photo courtesy of @joannewong Joining @steemxp About a week ago, I have only just found out that @steemxp had a discord channel when I invited @danieldoughty as an author for Teh Tarik Sundays. I do know that @steemxp was an extension from #teammalaysia led by a few core members from #teammalaysia itself. @danieldoughty, @veenang, @nickychu, @bboyady, @viverridae, @angeljames, @arwine are managing @steemxp for its in and outs. They've also rece
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steemitworldmap (64) in traveldigest
5 hours 29 minutes ago
Travel Digest #370
Introduction Hi it's @livinguktaiwan here with the Saturday edition of the #traveldigest. Today we're going to visit a Namibian Desert, a sombre concentration camp in Poland and a moss covered temple in Japan. Three different continents, three different stories, hope you like them all.All featured posts will be upvoted through @steemitworldmap.All featured posts will be put on the Editors Choice Map.For more like this check out #traveldigest.Tr
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joseangelvs (58) in cervantes
5 hours 37 minutes ago
Ven, te presento la nueva puntuación de usuario de Steemhunt
   Hola amigos steemians, ya les he hecho varias publicaciones acerca de Steemhunt , bueno es una plataforma que me gusta y visito varias veces en la semana cuando quiero ver productos nuevos propuestos por los mismos usuarios. ![]() Y bueno ayer me topé con que sacaron una nueva actualización y es acerca de una nueva puntuación
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fr3eze (67) in cn
8 hours 3 minutes ago
Computer > Phone (2)
Combined all the reason stated in previous post, I think that a great idea to spend my next gadget budget on a new laptop instead of upgrading my 2 years old Oneplus 3. Being one of my most loved mobile phones over the years, it still going strong despite the 2016 spec and technologies. The 8GB Ram which was a huge selling point back then became a norm nowadays. And the used to be smooth and crisp rear camera became almost a crap comparing to the
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joythewanderer (72) in steempress
8 hours 21 minutes ago
Jambo Stone Town!
Jambo, Stone town! Jambo means hello here :) Stone Town is so far from the beach, can only play with cats. Some snack Spice market. Some random shots. View of Stone Town Location: !steemitworldmap -6.161887 lat 39.191483 long d3scr Head to the beach tomorrow :) Should be fun. Posted from my blog with SteemPress :
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Art Prompt Writing Contest #14
It has been a while since The Writers' Block ran an art prompt writing contest. Halloween came shortly after our last art contest seeking a writing prompt, and we ran a scary story contest. Since then both of the admins @gmuxx and @rhondak attended Steemfest in Krakow, Poland, so things have been somewhat busy. The winner of our last writing prompt art contest was @pyemoney with the following photograph. This photo prompted the judg
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